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SPSS Training



To meet of the general purpose of the trainee, the following courses/features will be covered during the training-program.

1. Introduction to SPSS

2. Preparation of Data Files

3. Descriptive Statistics

3a. Nature of The Data on the basis of Measurement of Scale


Classification and Tabulation

A] One-, two- and three way Table

B] Frequency Distribution Table

[Discrete-, Grouped-, Continuous-, and Bi-variate Frequency Distribution]

4. Graphical Descriptive Methods

4a. Various Bar Charts and Pie-Chart based on classification

5. Numerical Descriptive Measures
Measures- of Central Tendency, Dispersion, Skewness, and Kurtosis
Graphs for various Frequency Distribution

6. Study of Relationship: Correlation and Regression Analysis
A] Simple-, Multiple-, and Partial Correlation Analysis
B] Simple- and Multiple Regression Analysis

7. Sampling Technique
A] Simple Random Sampling
B] Stratified Simple Random Sampling

I8. nferential Statistics

8a. Hypothesis Testing
Z-, t-, c2-, F- tests

9. Interval Estimation on using Z-, t-, c2-, F- Statistic(s)

10. Analysis of Variance
A] One-, Two- Way Analysis Variance
B] CRD, RBD, LSD Designs with Multiple Comparison Tests

11. Statistical Analysis for Non-Metric or Qualitative Data
A] Frequency Analysis to Study Nominal Data
B] Frequency Analysis to Study Ordinal Data
C] Multiple Response Analysis (Optional)
D] Use Of the Ratio Statistics (Optional)

12. Some Non-parametric Tests

13. Project work and Interpretation of the Results


With view of providing comfortable and user-friendly environment, a Training Method will be adopted according to steps outlined below:

1. Each training period will be 2 hours and will last for 20 days.

2. As far as practicable, one computer per trainee will be aided.

3. The Training will be advanced at convenience of the trainee.

4. Necessary Stationary materials will be provided as per need.

5. Obviously, hands-out about the lesson will be provided.

6. A Software CD for SPSS 16.0 will be provided at economical price.

7. A way of Installation for SPSS 16.0 will be instructed.

8. A Test will be taken to know the level of the trainee.

9. A book, “Learning STATISTICS and SPSS in Tandem by H. B Shrestha, Ph.D. ” will be availed as per need at the market rate.

10. A Certificate of Completion of Training-Program for SPSS 16.0 will be offered by the institutes

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