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Oracle Training Institute in Nepal

Professional Oracle Training

Course is designed to: Prepare the candidates for the changing trends in Technology and be able to face the real world situations, using our company's hands on experience in maintaining the databases. Bringing the on site practical experiences to the classrooms.


  • Architecture and Administration
  • Network Administration
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Performance Tuning

Oracle Database Architecture

  • Physical Structure of the Database
  • Logical Structure of the Database
  • Oracle Database Architecture
  • Memory Structures
  • Background Processes

Database Administration

  • Oracle Installation
  • Database Startup Modes
  • Database Shutdown Modes
  • Database Administration
  • Setting Parameters in the Parameter file
  • Creating a Database
  • Creating Data Dictionary Views
  • Creating Standard Packages
  • Suspending and Quiescing the Database

Database Administration

  • Parameter file Management
  • Creating Server Parameter file using Text Parameter file
  • Managing Server Parameter file
  • Creating Text Parameter file using Server Parameter file
  • Tablespace Management
  • Creating and Managing Dictionary Managed Tablespaces
  • Creating and Managing Locally Managed Tablespaces
  • Database Administration
  • Creating and Managing Default Temporary Tablespaces
  • Creating Tablespaces with Non Default Block Size
  • Creating and Maintaining the Data Files
  • Creating and Maintaining OMF Datafiles

Database Administration

  • Creating and Maintaining the Control Files
  • Creating and Maintaining Multiple OMF Control files
  • Creating and Maintaining the Redo Log Files
  • Creating and Maintaining Multiple OMF Redolog files
  • Managing Archived Redo Log Files
  • Rollback & Undo Segment Management
  • Creating Rollback Segments
  • Managing Rollback Segments
  • Sizing Rollback Segments
  • Creating and Managing Undo Tablespaces

Schema Management

  • Storage Structures and Relationships
  • Automatic Segment Space Management
  • Table Management
  • Creating and Managing Normal Tables
  • Schema Management
  • Table Management
  • Sizing Tables
  • Partitioned Table Management
  • Creating and Managing Range Partitioned Table
  • Creating and Managing Hash Partitioned Table
  • Creating and Managing Composite Partitioned Table
  • Creating and Managing List Partitioned Table

Schema Management

  • Creating and Managing Index-Organized Tables
  • Creating and Managing Clusters Tables
  • Creating and Managing Temporary Tables
  • Redefining Tables Online
  • Schema Management
  • Flashback Queries
  • Resumable Operations
  • Index Management
  • Creating and Managing B*Tree Indexes
  • Creating and Managing Bitmap Indexes
  • Creating and Managing Partition Indexes
  • Index Management
  • Creating and Managing Function Based Indexes
  • Index Monitoring
  • User Management and Security
  • Creating and Managing Users
  • Creating and Managing Privileges
  • User Management and Security
  • Creating and Managing Roles
  • Creating and Managing Profiles
  • User Authentication
  • Passwordfile Management

Our Students

Krishna Subedi

  • Training:Oracle Certification Professional
  • Education:MBA
  • College:UTA, USA

Er. Tarun Khatri

  • Education: BE
  • College: Kathmandu Engineering College

Binayak Ojha

  • Training: Oracle
  • Education:BE Electronics
  • College: Kantipur Engineering College

Nabaraj Budhathoki

  • Training: Oracle
  • Education:BA
  • College: Patan Multiple Campus

Suresh Dangol

  • Training: Oracle
  • Profession:Database Administrator
  • Office: ICFC Bittiya

Database Auditing

  • Integrity Constraints
  • Globalization Parameter
  • Oracle Network Administration
  • Oracle Networking Overview
  • Oracle Net Stack Communication Architecture
  • Oracle Net Services Server Side Configuration

Oracle Network Administration

  • Oracle Net Services Client Side Configuration
  • Usage and Configuration of Oracle Names Method
  • Oracle Network Administration
  • Usage and Configuration of the Shared Servers
  • Usage and Configuration of Connection Manager
  • Troubleshoot the Network Environment
  • Security in Network Environment

Backup and Recovery

  • Backup and Recovery Considerations
  • Logical Backup using Export Utility
  • Logical Recovery using Import Utility
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Transportable Tablespaces
  • Physical Backup without Recovery Manager
  • Cold or Offline Backup
  • Hot or Online Backup

Backup and Recovery

  • Types of Failures and Troubleshooting
  • Physical Recovery without Recovery Manager
  • Complete Recovery with Archiving
  • Incomplete Recovery with Archiving
  • Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)
  • Oracle Recovery Manager Overview
  • Creating and Maintaining Recovery Catalog
  • Recovery Manager Commands

Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)

  • Physical Backup using Oracle Recovery Manager
  • Restoring and Recovering using Oracle Recovery Manager
  • Oracle Performance Tuning
  • Database Planning [OFA modelling]
  • Oracle Alert Files and Trace Files

Oracle Performance Tuning

  • Dynamic Performance Views
  • Oracle Utilities
  • Tuning Shared Pool
  • Oracle Performance Tuning
  • Tuning Database Cache
  • Tuning Redo Log Buffer
  • Using the ANALYZE Statement
  • Using the DBMS_STATS Package
  • Oracle SQL Tuning
  • SQL Trace and TKPROF
  • Using Auto trace
  • Oracle Performance Tuning
  • Using Oracle Blocks Efficiently
  • Optimize Sort Operations
  • Tuning Undo Segments
  • Monitoring and Detecting Lock Contention
  • Diagnosing Contention for latches

Application Tuning

  • The role of the DBA in tuning applications
  • Different storage structures, and why one storage
  • structure might be preferred over another
  • The different types of indexes
  • Index-organized tables
  • Partitioning methods
  • The DBMS_STATS procedure
  • Oracle Performance Tuning
  • Resource Manager
  • Resource Manager Overview
  • Configuring Resource Manager
  • Monitoring Resource Manager
  • I/O Contention
  • UNIX Tools or Commands
  • dbverify
  • Log Miner
  • Loading Methods
  • SQL*Loader
  • Direct Load

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